This is it!


So the time has come when I finally have to wrap things up. My good friends organised the sweetest gathering and this was what I wore. Theme was to wear something colorful, and the colors on this dress describe how fun the evening turned out. I got the most thoughtful present from the best bunch of friends anyone can have. I’m blesssed :). I love you, guys!



Tuxedo Dress

33Sported this simple tuxedo dress for a quiet birthday in the office. Yes, it was my birthday a few days ago, and since I’ve been on business trip, I was certain no one in the office knew.

It was a really special day and I felt so blessed! Will post the highlights soon.

Dress from Mango, Bag from Chanel, Bracelet from Tory Burch.

French Ballet Shoes


I’ve always been on the hunt for the perfect comfort shoes. I spotted my BFF with this cool pair of  Oxfords and they looked so soft that I had to stoop down and touch the supple leather myself :D! It’s Repetto, no less!


This reminded me of the heeled Ballerina I bought a year ago. Yes, they are soft and comfortable, but I haven’t really worn these babies as I didn’t want to wear them out too much :P.



The past couple of weeks have been mad. I’ve been on the last stretch of my move and  few things haven’t been exactly falling into place :-(. In any case, I’m back home and I gotta focus on the last burst of stress work has sprung on me.

After a whole day cooped up in my hotel room, I decided to meet a BFF at her bazaar. Chose this pretty, pleated top for an easy weekend fit.

Packed most of my stuff so I’m left with few key pieces. Along with this top was my good old pair of Levi’s.

Top from Marc by Marc Jacobs, Bag from Chanel, Bracelet from Tory Burch, Jeans from Levi’s.

Vintage Necklaces

On the subject of things vintage, I rediscovered two of my old,  yellow gold necklaces. I think mom sourced these from a local pawnshop :D.  The shorter necklace has a freshwater pearl as a pendant, while the second is a lariat.  I usually just wear the pearl necklace, but I think putting these together looked great. Maybe layer these with another longer necklace?

A Little Bit Vintage

I know it’s been too long :(.  Since my last post, I’ve packed and shipped 2 of those life size boxes home. My room is now a heap of clothes to be given away that I don’t have any space to do my  cliche OOTD (Outfit of the Day) posts.  Oh, and I already packed my tripod 😀

So for now, I’m digging a photo I took of my BFF. I didn’t have my camera so my iPhone had to do. I just loved this trench-like vest, especially the cascading collar. Fierce and reminded me of the movie, The Matrix :D.  Another amazing thing about this is it’s vintage!  Yes, pre-loved and bought at a Goodwill-type shop. It’s cheap, yet so precious that she didn’t want to give it to me. I love it!


So I started packing my things and managed to fill up this upsized box. I thought I was only going to need one box, but I’ll need another one! Good luck to me!

Took a break from packing and went to the city in this tunic maxi dress. It is made of sustainable materials where fabrics are ‘up-cycled’ and transformed to this unique piece of clothing. I love the patchwork pattern, too!

Dress from Monsoon.